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Friday, April 28, 2006

My "Embrace The Lame" list

For an explanation of what "Embrace the Lame" is, visit Dave's Blog.

10. I am an avid bowler. I own 2 bowling balls, have my own shoes, and plenty of other "accessories". My average is currently around 180.

9. I almost never listen to music on the radio. I listen almost exclusively to talk radio (sports and political/current issues type stuff)

8. I will always be friends with Justin Danner, no matter how much of a jerk he is.

7. I will sing along (and loudly) with just about any Celine Dion song that comes on the radio (in falsetto and everything!)

6. I read "Lost" theory boards......a lot. I even post some theories of my own on them.

5. I love the band Five Iron Frenzy. I still get a tear in my eye when I hear "Every New Day"

4. I have seen every episode of Full House. I make fun of it for being "sappy", but I still loved it. Uncle Jesse was my hero when I was in middle school.

3. I like just about every chick flick I've ever seen.

2. I still cry when I watch "Field of Dreams."

1. When I was young (like 5 young) and went to get a haircut (STOP LAUGHING!!!) I would tell the barber to "make me look like Michael Jackson."

Ok, now make fun of me! I don't friggin' care anymore!!!!!!!!! LAME ON!!!!!

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